One of the best things about travelling in Ireland is the vast choice of accommodation available for all budgets. From hostel dorms to historic castles, there’s no shortage of Irish accommodation choices. Of course, a lot depends on your budget and where you are visiting.

Irish HostelsIrish Hostel

Irelands’ hostels are a great choice for budget travellers, solo travellers, and backpackers. Plus, since Ireland is such a popular destination for this type of travel, there is no shortage of choices. Most hostels have the choice of either staying in a dorm room or a private room. Staying in a dorm means you are going to share your room and bathroom with other travellers. Dorm rooms can be small, with three of four beds, or huge with 20+ beds. The bigger the dorm, the cheaper the nightly rate. Keep in mind though, the more people in your room the louder it will be.

If you aren’t too keen on the idea of sharing a room with strangers, most hostels also offer private rooms (though you may still have to share a bathroom). These will be more expensive than the dorms, but are usually still cheaper than hotel rooms.

Hostels are usually located in the heart of the city and are a great choice for anyone looking to meet other travellers and keep costs down. 

Irish Hotels Irish hotels 

Hotels are a common Irish accommodation choice for travellers looking for a private room. While more expensive than hostels, they offer privacy which is important to many. There are a variety of hotels across Ireland with options for all budgets. Ireland’s hotels are a great choice for couples, families, or even groups of friends travelling together.

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Irish B&BsIrish B&B

One of the most popular accommodation options in Ireland are bed and breakfasts, or B&Bs. B&Bs are common in many parts of the world, but (I think) Ireland has the best. Cozy homes with big breakfasts and friendly owners add to the Irish charm and speak of the famous Ireland hospitality. B&Bs are often cheaper than hotel rooms, offering an affordable option with the added bonus of getting to know the locals. Keep in mind, most B&Bs are people’s homes, so they may not always be in a prime, downtown location. This isn’t usually an issue for travellers who plan on renting a car, but may not always be ideal for those relying on public transit, especially in the smaller cities where B&Bs are often just outside of town.

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Irish Castle Hotels and Historic ManorsIrish Castle Hotel

One of the biggest luxuries you can have while travelling through Ireland is to stay in an Irish castle hotel or a historic Manor. Steeped in history, many with lists of prestigious past guests, Irish castles and manors are often a luxurious once in a lifetime experience that, if you can work it into your budget, should definitely be enjoyed at least once.

Unsurprisingly, these type of accommodations do come with a higher price tag, and while some of the most luxurious properties can costs hundreds of dollar a night, there are quite a few more affordable options as well that offer rooms around the $200-$300 per night mark.Irish manor hotel

Travellers should note that Ireland’s castle hotels and historic manor hotels are often set in the countryside away from cities and towns; having a vehicle is almost always a must if you choose to stay in these properties.

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Airbnb is a becoming a popular accommodation choice, especially in the larger cities. These can range in price depending on location, amenities etc. It’s important to note, however, that Airbnbs are different than traditional Irish B&Bs which tend to be more personalized and service based. Airbnbs are usually more basic. Depending on the property, you may be able to rent out just a room, or the whole apartment/home.

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A final choice that may be of interest to some travellers, especially solo travellers and budget backpackers, is couchsurfing. For those unfamiliar; couchsurfing is a free program where locals offer space in their home (an extra bed, or perhaps a couch) to travellers. There is no fee, however it is polite to spend some time with your host as it’s more of a socializing opportunity than just a place to stay. Travellers, especially women, should be wary when seeking couch surfing hosts and be mindful of reviews.

Read this Girl’s Guide to Couchsurfing for more tips and advice.

Whatever your budget may be, Irish hospitality is truly some of the best in the world; no matter your choice of accommodation.