Must-Try Irish Foods

Irish Smoked Salmon
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I love Irish food. Sure, it may not be the fanciest, or the most elegant, but it is warm, hearty, comfort food that promises to fill you up. There’s plenty to choose from but these are the top must-try Irish foods that can be easily found in pubs and restaurants across the country.

A True Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

The best way to start your day is with a true Irish breakfast. It’s a big fry up that includes eggs, rashers (bacon), sausages, black and/or white pudding, grilled vegetables (often tomatoes, mushrooms, or potatoes) and toast. Whatever your preconceptions are about black and white pudding, you have to try a true Irish breakfast at least once during your Ireland trip.

Irish Smoked Salmon

Irish Smoked Salmon

Irish salmon is the best, so if you see fresh Irish salmon on a menu anywhere, be sure to try it. The county is also known for their smoked salmon with several smoking houses across the country. The Burren Smokehouse is one of my favourites.

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread

I, personally, could live off of Irish soda bread. With breakfast, served alongside smoked salmon or a bowl of warm potato soup for lunch, or before dinner; I live for Irish soda bread. It’s common everywhere you go, so you won’t have an issue finding it. Most families or restaurants/pubs have their own recipe that may include seeds, dried fruits, or even a bit of Guinness.

Irish Stew

Irish Stew

Irish stew is a traditional dish, perfect for warming up on a windy day. Or for filling up after an active one. Most recipes are lamb based with large chunks of flavourful meat, potatoes, and vegetables.


Irish boxty

A boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake. The name is rumored to come from an old Irish phrase that translates to ‘poor house bread’, but while that might have once been the case today, boxty can be found on the menus of some of Ireland’s top restaurants. With different toppings or even stuffed, however it’s served, boxty is bound to please.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips usually come to mind when you think of Great Britain, but Ireland has the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. Being surrounded by water, Ireland has a great supply of delicious fresh fish and many fish and chip places will even offer you a selection of fish from regular cod to adventurous ray. My favourite places to get fish and chips in Ireland are Doyle’s Seafood in Dingle, and McDonagh’s in Galway.

Irish Shellfish

Irish Oysters

Ireland is heaven for seafood lovers. As listed earlier the salmon and fresh fish is amazing, but so is the shellfish. From oysters to prawns, mussels to scallops, and even crab and lobster; Ireland has an abundance of delicious fresh shellfish that can be found prepared in a variety of ways across the country. If you are a true shellfish fan, plan your visit to Ireland at the end of September to attend Galway’s Oyster and Seafood Festival.

Have you tried any of these must-try Irish foods? Which is your favourite?

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Must-try Irish Foods
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    1. Haha sorry, Ireland has much better fish and chips than I’ve had in England. Granted on been to London so not a fair competition.

  1. hi you’re notes above say Irish fish and chips are the best Vs English I would say both same by the way i have tried both plus Welsh i don’t think one is better than the other have a great day John

    1. I’m just stating my personal opinion 🙂 I prefer the ones I have had in Ireland vs what I have tried in England. The two spots I’ve listed have the best I’ve had anywhere.

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